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Council II Documents from alacoun this morning

Here are the documents for today’s Council II meetings:

  • ·         Policy Monitoring Committee, ALA CD#17.1
    ·         International Relations Committee, ALA CD#18.3
    ·         Freedom to Read Foundation Report, ALA CD#22.1
    ·         Constitution and Bylaws Committee, ALA CD#25
    ·         Resolution in Support of Whistleblower Bradley Manning, ALA CD#38
    ·         Resolution on Library Service to the Community in a Natural Disaster, ALA CD#41, (Rev. 6/30/13)
    ·         Resolution on Divestment of Holdings in Fossil Fuel Companies and Libraries’ Role in a Peaceful Transition to a
          Fossil-Free Economy, ALA CD#42
    ·         Resolution on Prayer in ALA Meetings, ALA CD#44, (Rev. 6/26/13)