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Conference Call Notes 510/13 - Metadata Standards Committee

ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee

Conference Call 5/10/2013

Present: Éva Balcovac, Jenn Riley, Denise Bennett, Kevin Clair, Janet Lee-Smeltzer, Erik Mitchell, Bonnie Parks, Amy Rudersdorf, Jon Solomon

1. Discussion of specific role our committee wants to take

We need to have strong, and clear relationships with other bodies, including NISO. We can utilize these to make connections between communities (eg with Onix) and help everyone understand how they relate.

Want to look at broad perspective, but also need to make the future relate to today. We can make a significant contribution in working out how libraries actually get to a point where eg RDF is useful for them, and getting from flat or tree-based metadata to graph based metadata. A focus on use cases and successes rather than systems will likely be more successful. A list of “core competencies” might be an activity to undertake.

We interpret our charge as inclusive of more than descriptive metadata – also metadata for rights management, preservation, images, authorities.

We might also consider an advocacy role for libraries with other groups trying to do this work.

Our charge has some specific language about metadata policy, related to reviewing, evaluating, and recommending approval. We need to figure out what it means for us to do this without it being a rubber stamp. 

A major first work product could be documentation and visualization of relationships between major players and groups related to metadata, not just in libraries but in allied and related fields. Include libraries, publishers, standards makers, other stakeholders. It would be interesting to represent this in the Open Metadata Registry somehow. We would deconstruct the complex metadata environment to understand relationships between various groups and standards, and how they interoperate. Our big goal would be to use this information in order to take concrete steps towards helping the library community achieve the vision of future metadata that is currently taking shape. We’ll need to work with others to map out big ideas for how to get there.

With this in mind, we’ll likely want to approach ALCTS and LITA for a revision to our charge. We can present to them a clear statement of what we think we can do and do well.


2. Next steps

Set up a space to brainstorm, likely on ALA Connect or a Google doc.

Define specific deliverables, get input on this plan at ALA.

Run our ideas by ALCTS and LITA leadership.

After ALA, set specific tasks and timelines, and divvy up the work among the committee.


Respectfully submitted,

Jenn Riley

Notes 2013-05-10.docx122.32 KB
Eva Bolkovac's picture


Metadata Standards Committee

ALA Annual Conference

        June 29, 2013

          Chicago, IL



Meeting  place: Hilton Chicago, Lake Ontario


  1. Introduction of members
  2. Approval of minutes from January 2013 meeting
  3. Discussion about details on moving forward with our vision (Link to the Summary on: http://connect.ala.org/node/208991 as basis for discussion)
  4. Ideas for sponsoring programming at upcoming ALA meetings
  5. Additional comments and discussions from attendees
  6. Next meeting