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Minutes of 2012 Annual conference in Anaheim


Minutes of meeting of the Accessibility Assembly June 23, 2012 at ALA annual conference, Anaheim, CA


There were nine individuals/members  attending.  Ruth Nussbaum recorded the minutes.



Ruth Nussbaum, NLS  rnus@loc.gov

Elizabeth Ridler, Councilor at large elizabethridler@hotmail.com

Melissa Cardenas-Dow  melissa_cardenasdow@redlands.ecu

Kevin Fruniss kfurniss@tulane.edu

Adam Szczepaniak , NJ regional librarian , asczepaniak@njstatelib.org

Adina Mulliken amullike@syr.edu

Ann Snowman, ACRL rep., ams32@psu.edu

Mike Marlin, Councilar at large mmarlin@library.ca.gov

Alice Hagemeyer alicehagemeyer@aol.com

Simon Healey sy max guy@msn.com


The new Chair for the Accessibility Assembly is Adam Szczepaniak, regional librarian for the New Jersey State Talking Book and Braille Center, Trenton, NJ.  Adina Mulliken,  Syrcause U.,  is the Secretary.  Thanks to both for their help and support.

Simon Healey, former Chair, was made advisor to Web Advisor Committee (WAC) for ALA.


Simon says that Jenny Levine is the ITS person to contact at ALA for screen readable concerns  Her e-mail is jlevine@ala.org


Elizabeth, ALA councilor at large, reported that ALA executive committee decided to discontinue ASCLA subsidy after 2015. Losing the subsidy will create problems for ASCLA as membership in the division is declining.


Simon reported on his work with the Digital Content Working Group regarding accessibility of ebooks.  The DCWG is a full ALA committee that reports to Council.  It is expected to continue for 2 years or more.

The mission statement was reviewed by all.  Many thanks to Kevin Furniss for his detailed corrections/suggestions.  Revised document is attached.  Secretary will post document to ASCLA listserv, ALA connect for comment by midwinter 2013.  At close of midwinter  the document will be sent to ASCLA board as the mission statement for the Assembly.