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Interested in serving on an ALCTS Division or Section Committee?

Interested in serving on an ALCTS Division or Section Committee? Concerned that limited funding may make it impossible for you to attend conferences?

Don’t worry. Volunteer anyway!

Keep in mind that many committees now do much of their work between conferences by e-mail and phone calls. There are also some committees (such as award juries) that don’t meet at conference at all. And we do have virtual members on committees. The ALCTS appointing officers are committed to working with volunteers to find an appropriate spot for you.

Just let us know your circumstances when you fill out the volunteer form.

Submitting this online form communicates your wish to serve and your interests to every appointing officer (the ALCTS President-elect, the section and CRG Chair-elects).

As you decide on the appointment that might be right for you, read "How Do I Get Appointed" (.pdf), which is full of advice and helpful suggestions.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for an ALCTS group. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the ALCTS office with any questions or concerns.

About the Form

The online volunteer form collects information about your background, the kind of work you'd like to do, and the names of groups to which you'd like an appointment.

Accessing the Form

Log in to the ALA web site before clicking the link to the form to go directly to the welcome screen. Please Note: you cannot access the form if your ALCTS membership is not paid up-to-date.

Committee Volunteer Form

If you do not log in, you'll be taken to the generic ALA login screen before you can proceed to the welcome screen.

Completing the Form

On the welcome screen will be a dropdown box. Make sure that ALCTS is selected before you click "Continue."

Clicking Continue gets you to the first page of the form. At the bottom of the first page is another selector drop down for locating the groups for which you want to volunteer. If you want to volunteer for ALCTS Budget & Finance, select ALCTS, which will pull the listing of all ALCTS division-level committees onto a second page. Select the section acronyms to access the section groups.

After making your selections, click "Continue" to access a review page to verify your selections

Clicking "Submit" on the review page enters your form in the database and creates a final receipt page which details your volunteer requests through the most current session. You may want to print this page for your records.