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ALCTS Division-level Committees

Interested in knowing more about ALCTS Division committee work? The Membership Committee developed this great snapshot summary of responsibilities!

ALCTS Division-level Committees

  • Affiliate Relations Committee Promotes the activities of ALCTS-affiliated state and regional groups by facilitating networking and best practices and program ideas among the affiliate groups.
  • Budget and Finance Committee (B&F) Submits a recommended annual budget for action to the ALCTS Board of Directors.  Performs budget analyses and fiscal planning.  Advises units requesting funds.  Reviews all requests for ALCTS funds.  Advises ALCTS Board on all fiscal matters.
  • Continuing Education Committee Promotes, coordinates, and evaluates the development of the Association's continuing education initiatives and offerings.
  • Fundraising Committee Advises the ALCTS Board of Directors on fundraising goals and priorities that support the division's strategic plan and five-year financial plan. 
  • International Relations Committee Leads and coordinates ALCTS international relations activities and the division's communication regarding those activities.
  • Leadership Development Committee Develops ALCTS member leadership.
  • Library Material Price Index (LMPI) Board Prepares and published price indexes of library materials.
  • LRTS Editorial Board Advises the editor on matters relating to editorial policies and journal content.
  • Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information (MARBI) Committee Encourages the creation of needed standards for the representation in machine-readable form of bibliographic information.
  • Membership Committee Develops and pursues a continuous campaign to recruit and retain members for ALCTS from among existing and potential ALA members.
  • Nominating Committee Nominates candidates for elective offices and to perform the duties specified in the bylaws.
  • Organization and Bylaws (O&B) Advises the Board of Directors and through it the Association on the establishment, functions, and discontinuance of sections, committees, and other groups.
  • Paper Series Editorial Board Solicits and produces monographs for the ALCTS papers series.
  • Planning Committee Considers problems of technical services as a whole, including long-range division objectives and areas of new divisional interest.
  • Program Committee Oversees the division's conference and preconference program planning.
  • Publications Committee Coordinates the ACLTS publishing and information dissemination activities.