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Committee on Organization agenda and documents

Attached are documents for the Committee on Organization's meetings at the 2013 Annual Conference. They are:

  1. The COO meetings agenda
  2. Draft proposal document on committee reporting
  3. ALA Council and COO comments on the previous document
  4. Committee reports record
  5. Committee information update form (also appended to document 2 above)
  6. Scholarship & Study Grants Committee proposal  (updated to address the odd-even number of members issue)
  7. Executive Board talking points

I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Jim Rettig

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Safe travels, everyone, and see you soon.  Oh, thanks for the airplane reading, Jim!


Teri S.

Teri R. Switzer, Ph.D.

Dean, Kraemer Family Library, UCCS

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Dear COO members:  I will be unable to attend the COO I meeting because I have to introduce a program with the same time slot today.  Joseph