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Guidelines for Lib & Information Services for the American Deaf Community

The last Guidelines for Library & Information Services for the American Deaf Community was published in 1996. The same year as the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Both ironic and sad, as there's been little to nil action taken on either issue. Please consider the warp speed of technology, especially communications. Seventeen years from the time of the first Guidelines for serving deaf people in libraries, and these areas are few if not completely unavailable:

- Equal access to all the media; audio visual resources, captioning on all web sites, e- readers content, notice to schools with deaf programs and agencies serving deaf (OSDs) about interpreted local library programs.

- Establish age appropriate resources & digital collections for the various linguistic and visual needs.

However, the Deaf Cultural Digital Library (DCDL) is being established in Maryland. Thanks to HB653 a DCDL will be established as a primary go to resource for access to information on this subject.

While not exhaustive, these are a few areas an Outreach committee composed of Deaf & hearing members could really make a difference in the education of both deaf and hearing populations.

I look forward to more discussion!

Jo Bertloff 

Kathleen Brockway (non-member)'s picture

I have seen the guidelines for Lib & Information Services for American Deaf Community and need a lot work to do. The criteria could be added to make it standardized across the USA Libraries to see we need to bring the current deaf-related books into the public with updated standard criteria. We need to review random selected criteria from north, south, east, and west to review. Would that work?