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Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

Note taker for RTCA meeting on Friday

We have such a full agenda on Friday, I would like to identify--in advance--a note taker for our session.  Our discussions on content for budget and other webinars, and our initial thoughts on revision of smaller round table representation on council a the very least, should be recorded.  Not official minutes, just notes.

I also ask those Round Tables who present a 2-minute summary of their current RT activities to submit a written summary to the note taker in electronic form, so no need to record that during the meeting.

Please consider volunteering.

Thank you.


Katherine Trouern-Trend (non-member)'s picture

Hi Mary,
I'm the incoming chair of EMIERT, I can do the note taking.


Katherine Trouern-Trend

On Jun 25, 2013 10:40 AM, "ALA Connect" connect@ala.org> wrote:

Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

Terrific!  Thanks Katherine.  I'll see you Friday.