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Charge for the Ad hoc Committee on the Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee

The following is the final version of the charge language for the Ad hoc Committee on the Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee.  This language has went though several open comment periods.  The final comment period was during the April 2013 board meeting.  The charge was voted on with no amendments at the GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting at 2013 ALA Annual.

Resolved that the GLBTRT Chair appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to make recommendations about the organization and work of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee (SBAC) beginning with the 2015 cycle, including such issues as:

  • Whether to maintain the current structure of the committee, develop subcommittees for each award, or have a separate committee for each award.
  • How a proposed change would affect demand and supply of committee volunteers.
  • If membership on the SBAC (and its potential subcommittees) should require that a mix of expert and general volunteers be selected.
  • How to determine the time of year each cycle should start and what the time period should be for when eligible books must have been published.
  • What kind of change has there been in workload given increased publishing and a third award.
  • Whether a change would affect the number of books publishers would need to supply to the committee(s).

 The ad hoc committee will:

  • create recommendations that will not conflict with GLBTRT Bylaws or the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities document;
  • be composed of both former SBAC members and non-members;
  • recommend an implementation plan for changes to the board; and
  • share a report with the board and membership by 11:59pm, Friday, 10 January 2014 (two weeks before the start of ALA 2014 Midwinter Meeting).