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GLBTRT Committee Charges Project Report


On Friday, January 04, 2013 9:09 AM EST, I shared a call for contributions to GLBTRT committee charges.  Membership was called on to respond by Midnight, Thursday 17 January, 2013.

Joel Nichols and Larry Romans absorbed suggestions from the below linked forums.  The result are the charges below.  The charges will be voted on at the GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting at 2013 ALA Annual.  (Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:30am to 11:30am, Sheraton Chicago, Lincoln Boardroom. Meeting in ALA Scheduler: http://ala13.ala.org/node/11870)

The following are the forums where language was discussed:

Note that our Stonewall Book Awards Committee charge will be developed in a coming project.  Also, Over the Rainbow Committee and Rainbow Project Committee already have charges.

Committee charges aren't exciting but they're important.  They help us articulate what we expect of our committees.  They also help convey to volunteers what our expectations are.  [Shameless link to GLBTRT Volunteer form here.]  Thanks to all who participated in this important and fundamental housekeeping task.  David S. Vess

Bylaws Committee

Maintains the bylaws of the round table, proposes revisions as needed, reviews other proposed changes to the bylaws from committees or members, maintains a policy and procedures manual, and advises the Board of Directors regarding structural and organizational concerns of the GLBTRT.

External Relations

Seek out, build and sustain relationships with organizations outside of ALA relevant to the round table to share information and conduct programs. Collaborates on common issues with and promotes the programs, activities and publications of the GLBTRT to other ALA units, affiliates, and external organizations and their members.


Identifies and solicits funds from external sources other than member dues to increase the endowment for the Stonewall Book Awards. Develops and implements a fundraising plan to encourage more GLBTRT members and others to donate. Develops a list of potential individual, corporate, and foundation donors. Plans and implements fund raisers. Coordinates with the GLBTRT Treasurer and the ALA Development Office.

Membership Promotion Committee

Establishes general policies, programs, and procedures to attract new members and to promote active participation in the round table. Creates and circulates membership promotion materials to ALA members and to prospective members in library schools and state/provincial library associations, coordinates the staffing of the round table booth at Annual Conference and other ALA events, and coordinates with External Relations Committee to promote the programs, activities and publications of the round table to ALA membership.

Newsletter Committee

Compiles, produces, and distributes the GLBTRT Newsletter online. Recruits volunteers to write articles about the round table, ALA, reviews of books and other media, and other news of interest to round table members.

Program Planning Committee

Plans, promotes, and implements educational sessions and informational programs. Finds and recruits co-sponsors for GLBTRT programs and monitors programs of other ALA units that the round table may wish to cosponsor or support. Recruits presenters at programs, conferences, and other events. Evaluates previous programs and reports on them to the round table executive board and the membership. Plans and coordinates local arrangements including relations with ALA and information about the conference host city.

Stonewall Book Awards Celebration Committee

Plans, publicizes, and implements the annual Stonewall Book Award Celebration in coordination with the Stonewall Book Awards Committee Chair. Plans the program and secures speakers. Coordinates with the staff of the caterer designated by the ALA Conference arrangements office the set-up of the celebration, including menu, room arrangements, and coordination of giveaway materials.

Web Committee

Manages the web presence of the round table. Assures the currency, accuracy, and functionality of the web presence while complying with accessibility standards. Assures the web presence describes the round table and its work. Coordinates web content with committees and the executive board. The committee also handles routine maintenance tasks such as link checking, and implements changes to page appearance, standards and technologies.