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2013 Annual Conference Executive Board Meeting Agenda and Notes

NB: This document holds the meeting notes and agenda as well as committee and board member reports.

Meeting Notes

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:30am to 11:30am
Sheraton Chicago, Lincoln Boardroom
Meeting in ALA Scheduler: http://ala13.ala.org/node/11870

Present: R. Ridinger, R. Graziano, A. E. de Campos Salles, D. McNeill, L. Day, P. Hepburn, P. Coyl, J. Nichols, L. Romans, M. Banacek, W. Walker, F. Cervone, D. Vess, R. Hansen, A. Symons, and A. Johnson.

Meeting was called to order at 8:35 A. M. Introductions around the table. Agenda approved.

Minutes of the previous meeting, at Mid-Winter in Seattle, were amended to include Hepburn in the list of attendees. Minutes were then approved.

Hepburn, the round table councilor, spoke about the resolutions expected to come before Council. None are expected in impact this RT.

L. Romans spoke about a resolution that has been introduced regarding beginning a meeting with a prayer. The resolution prohibits this practice.  Discussion followed. Romans moved that we support the resolution. Motion was seconded and passed. Day abstained from the voting.

Day reported on the Book Awards Brunch. 110 tickets have been sold. All three of the award winners will be present. Donald Weiss, founder of Magnus Books, will be the keynote speaker. Some of the honorees have sent messages in lieu of being in attendance. Publishers are picking up the cost of the event for the honorees.  Tickets are still available. McNeill noted that the brunch is sort of a fund raiser. He also raised the issue of a possible increase in the cost of the event.

The subject of committee charges was next on the agenda.  Under which committee would social media fall? Web Committee has managed the round table social media accounts since 2009 and will continue to do so. The Fundraising charge ought to be more general, to include planned giving.  Day moved to accept all the charges except Fundraising, which will be revised and submitted at the 2014 Midwinter Meeting for approval.  Motion passed.

The next agenda item was the Ad Hoc Resources Committee. It was noted that this area of the webpage was badly out of date. Could we not allow pre-approved bibliographies? Discussion followed. It was decided that the committee should approve all bibliographies to be posted and also set up a plan for dropping them or updating them as needed. A motion was made to create a standing GLBTRT Resources Committee to maintain these bibliographies; the Ad Hoc committee would develop the charge.  Motion was approved.

Next on the agenda was the Ad Hoc Committee on the Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee. In addition to the draft charge it was felt there needed to be some non-voting members or volunteers to facilitate the work of the committee. Motion to approve the charge made; motion passed.

The ad hoc social committee is working on having the 2014 Midwinter Meeting social in a bar rather than in a library as has been the practice in the past. For 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, the Clark County Library may be the site of the social.

The endowment for the Stonewall  Book awards has maintained an average fund balance of $100,000 for the past twenty quarters. The goal is to get that to $135,000. While the current fund is adequate to support the three awards, we need to grow it to support travel, etc. for the winners.

The social (for 2013 Annual Conference) will be held at Ann Sather this Sunday.

Michelle Washington, Director of ALA’s Office for Diversity and Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) asked to be contacted if we need help with Diversity Council.

J. Linda Williams, our representative from the ALA Executive Board, next reported to the board. The plan to tie dues increases to the Consumer Price Index did pass. It will be implemented next year. She reported also that there were 21,900 registered attendees at the conference, compared with  15,000 the previous year. There will be a session on community engagement on Sat. afternoon. It will deal with the promise of librarians turning outward into the community they serve. Digital content in libraries continues to be discussed.  A task force is being discussed for school librarians and their involvement in the community. She also noted ALA President Barbara Stripling’s initiative will be the Declaration of Rights for Libraries.   The Round Table Coordinating Assembly reported a shortfall of $1.9 million for this year and an expected additional shortfall of $1 million for next year.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 A.M. 


Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:30am to 11:30am
Sheraton Chicago, Lincoln Boardroom
Meeting in ALA Scheduler: http://ala13.ala.org/node/11870

1. Call to Order (David)

2. Introductions (David)

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Andrew)

4. Approval of GLBTRT Board Meeting Notes, 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting: http://connect.ala.org/node/202572 (Discussion, Vote) (Andrew)

5. Committee Charges (Discussion, Vote) (Joel & Larry)
Background Document: http://connect.ala.org/node/208502

6. J. Linda Williams, ALA Executive Board Liaison – (Report, Discussion)
Background: [Word document] Attached Report/Notes from ALA Executive Board

7. Ad hoc Resources Committee’s recommendation in final report linked in the following.
(Discussion, Vote) (David)

Background Documents:

GLBTRT Resources Ad hoc Committee

The group was charged from January 2012 to January 2013. At the ALA 2012 Midwinter Meeting, the GLBT Round Table Steering Committee charged this ad hoc committee one year to assess, develop, and maintain all resources listed on the Professional Tools page (Former Popular Resources Page) of the round table web site. The content on this page was on the Popular Resources page of our old web site.

8. Stripling’s Initiative -- Libraries Change Lives -- A connection to GBTRT resources
(11AM -- 5-10 min discussion from Pam Berger and Sue Considine)

9. Charge for the Ad hoc Committee on the Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee (Discussion, Vote) (David)
Background Document: http://connect.ala.org/node/208621

10. Announcements

Agenda Appendix: Reports

1. GLBTRT Officer and Other Reports

Note that GLBTRT Executive Board member contact information can be located on the board page on the GLBTRT website.  Log in and and click your browser's refresh button to see personal contact information.  Use the board contact form to send a message to the board.

  • Chair-elect: Roland Hansen has been organizing the GLBTRT Social for 2013 Annual and working on committee appointments.  Hansen has also has contributed to conversations on the board email list and participated in online board meetings.
  • Past-chair: Since 2013 Midwinter, Anne Moore has contributed to conversations on the board email list and participating in online board meetings.
  • Secretary: Since 2013 Midwinter, Andrew Johnson has taken and shared meeting notes.  He has also contributed to conversations on the board email list and participated in online board meetings.
  • ALA Staff Liaison (OLOS Report): [awaiting report]

2. Committee Report Links (more to be added as sent in)

Note that all committees and there rosters can be located on the committees page on the GLBTRT website.

  • Newsletter Cmte: [awaiting report]

3. GLBTRT Representatives

Note that contact information to all GLBTRT representatives can be found on the GLBTRT Representative page.

Representative and Liaison Reports:

  • American Association of School Librarians (AASL):
    Representative Rae-Anne Montague just began May 2013.
  • Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC):
    Representative Victor Schill, begins this role July 2013.
  • Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) (GLBTRT Treasurer, Ex-officio representative) : [Nothing to report, will share out information after Annual.]
  • Diversity Council, a subcommittee of the Committee on Diversity: [awaiting report]
  • Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF): [awaiting report]
  • Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT): [No report, Barbara Pickell will begin her appointment in July 2013]
  • Legislation Assembly (ALA Committee on Legislation): [awaiting report]
  • New Members Round Table (NMRT): [awaiting report]
  • Office for Literacy and Outreach Services Advisory Committee [none to submit, no meetings]
  • Planning and Budget Assembly (GLBTRT Treasurer, Ex-officio representative)  [Nothing to report, will share out information after Annual.]
  • Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA): [No report, Ana Elisa de Campos Salles began as our rep in March 2013.  Victor Schill will begin as the alternate rep in July 2013.]