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Erin McKean Monday at Annual Conference

If you are going to Annual Conference, make sure to go see Erin McKean, founder of Wordnik.com and the former editor-in-chief of American Dictionaries for Oxford University Press, at the ALCTS President’s Program on Monday, July 1,  at 10:30 am in McCormick Place, S-105.  And we are giving away copies of her new book from Bloomsbury, “The Hundred Dresses”.  Won’t want to miss a chance to get one.

 Confessions of a Digital Packrat,” Erin will answer these nagging questions:

How do you let go of digital data when every word of every book might be the one piece of evidence you need to make a dictionary entry complete? What does it mean for transformative uses like lexicography when there are so many different digital storehouses available (with varying degrees of difficulty)? What makes a digital collection attractive to packrats like me?

Erin McKean likes to call herself a dictionary evangelist.  She is the founder of Wordnik.com. Her books include "Weird and Wonderful Words," "More Weird and Wonderful Words," "Totally Weird and Wonderful Words" and "That’s Amore" (which is also a collection of words).  Find more words at Erin’s laseroptional.com blog.

Her new book, "The Hundred Dresses," was published just this month by Bloomsbury.  Her dress blog, dressaday.com,  is a must for anyone interested in dress patterns and more. 

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