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Sherry Machones's picture

GLBTRT Membership Promotion Chair Report - ALA Annual 2013

In the time since the ALA Meeting in Seattle, I have been preparing for Annual.


  • ALA Annual: I have sent out a doodle schedule to the committee to staff our kiosk on Saturday and Sunday. So far only one person has volunteered for one hour. I would like confirmation from the committee on who specifically can make it to Annual this year.  I will staff it when I am available, as I am also going to all GLBT sessions to make sure our info is available at the door. One of our responsibilities is covering the Diversity & Outreach Fair. I will be there, and would love another committee/board member with me.  I will also be representing us at the NMRT orientation.
  • Promotion: We will need to continually reevaluate our print and web offerings to entice new members and keep our current members. I think our web committee and membership committee should talk about efforts to keep our social media presence current and timely.
  • Membership: Our numbers have dipped slightly. This is statistically normal when compared to other division/section/roundtables.

I welcome suggestions or additions to this report.  I am looking forward to seeing people at the membership meeting and the social.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherry Machones

Elizabeth DeCoster's picture

Hi Sherry,

What time would you need assistance at the Diversity & Outreach Fair?


Sherry Machones's picture

Hi Liz! The Fair is in the exhibit hall I believe and set up is at 2pm and the fair is from 3pm-530pm on Saturday. So any help bragging up the RT with me would be great! Thanks for helping with the kiosk too!