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Diversity Member Initiative Group - Proposal

Please review the proposal to create a Diversity Member Initiative Group (MIG).  A description of a MIG is below the proposal.  

Your feedback is encouraged, please provide by Sunday, June 23.  I will open the e-petition to create the MIG on Monday and will then share with you for your signature.  Please let me know if you have any questions.




E-Petition to be opened by Alex Rivera


This open forum would be an organizational home for persons interested in fostering an improved climate for diversity within the American Library Association as a means to positively impact services to the increasingly diverse populations who regularly utilize our libraries.  In addition, it would provide a base to expand diversity awareness, advocacy and activities to all individuals and organizations interested in advancing the work.  Some potential outcomes for the MIG would be increased information sharing between member groups working across and outside of the Association around all areas of diversity;  broadening participation in discussions around diversity to include individual members who may not hold leadership or committee appointments; and providing inclusive access for members to conceive, develop, and implement new programs and services. It would also provide opportunities to raise issues of mutual concern to the ALA Office for Diversity, the ALA Committee on Diversity and other formal ALA communities (Divisions, Committees, Round Tables, etc.) and to weave diversity discussions throughout the profession.


Staff Liaison: Michelle Harrell Washington



A Membership Initiative Group (MIG) is formed when a group of ALA members identifies a common concern or interest about librarianship which falls outside the delegated responsibility of a single division, roundtable, or unit, and wishes to establish a short-term mechanism to address this concern or interest. To establish a MIG, which must be approved by COO and reported to Council, a group must submit to the Committee on Organization a statement of purpose, at least one hundred signatures of ALA members in good standing, and the names and addresses of designated organizers. (ALA Policy 6.12).