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Preliminary agenda for next Friday's Round Table Coordinating Assembly (RTCA) meeting

If you have additions or suggestions, please e-mail me ahead of time, post here, or bring to meeting.

Thank you

Mary McInroy, RTCA Coordinator

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Mary and all, I have another agenda item. GODORT tries to work through their staff liaison, but sometimes we aren’t sure if we should contact them or go directly
to ALA. We (or I) often contact other round table chairs or committee chairs, and if I do should I copy my staff liaison to keep them in the loop? Sometimes protocol is difficult. It also works the other way, for example, if we forward up a resolution, we
might not hear if it eventually goes out of ALA.  Things get moved around to different groups sometimes before they go out of ALA.  Anyway, perhaps someone from ALA could speak to this. None of us want to make mistakes, but it is important to keep information
flowing. Maybe a review of which parts of Connect we should watch for updates on this type of movement “above our heads” so to speak.

Barbara Miller, GODORT chair

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Yet another item. GODORT would like to present a resolution we are working on about requesting a protocol be developed before federal agencies decommission databases such as  ERIC,  NTIS reports, and the NBII database , all of which were suddenly taken down
without sufficient opportunity to archive. We would like as many to see it as possible for comments.  I also noticed that two other RT groups are speaking, perhaps all groups could give a two minute update on what their groups are doing.

Barbara Miller

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Barbara, as I am afraid our agenda is too huge to fit our time period anyway (!), perhaps a "brief "what we're doing" option could be added for round tables during the introductions.  RTs would not have to comment, but we always lament that we wished we knew more about what the the other RTs are doing.  Even the MAGIRT and Carolyn/RMRT agenda items could be moved to there.  We'd need to be strict about time, but some comments could be given more time.  

We could try this during this next meeting and see how it works.  That way, the items at the end of the agenda, which we want to hear more about, will not get lost.  I think the revision of councilor allocation guidelines should stay at the end.

Our agendas are morphing into something new anyway, so if this does not work, RTCA can try something else in future.

What say you all?

Mary Mc

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You are correct about time crunches Mary, good point to keep an eye on this.


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Fine by me!


Tracey Hughes, Librarian - AICP, MSI, GISP

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Tracey Hughes, Librarian, Colorado Mountain College

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Thanks, Barbara.  Danielle and I were looking through the comments for the ALA 101 webinar and realized that a brief webinar or some other communication mechanism, that explains ALA procedures in more depth, is need, extending to how to work with your councilor to get resolutions on the floor.  Danielle and/or Mary G could speak about this next Friday, to answer the immediate question of when to include your STaff Liaison, but I think the topic of how to  be assured of keeping the communication going both ways is bigger than our 90 minutes can take.

Danielle, Mary G., what do yo think?  If we had more time we could put together a bullet list of things a RT leader should do to keep abreast of developments.

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I suspect the need is much wider than just round tables.  If we do it, we should invite the whole Association.  Or perhaps there is a more appropriate part of ALA to take this on?  I know Councilors get oriented, but all the bodies to which they report (including membership as a whole for at large) need to know how to get the most out of those they've elected. 

Carolyn Caywood, MSLS, retired from Bayside & Special Services Library, 757-499-9131 cacaywood@cox.net