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2013 Annual Committee Report- Rainbow Project

Rainbow Project Committee Report
Chicago, Illinois-June 2013
The goal of The Rainbow List Project is to further the mission of the GLBTRT and SRRT by promoting quality GLBTQ literature for youth ages birth through teens through creating an annual recommended  bibliography.  We provide readers with guidance in selecting realistic and recommended books that reflect the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning experience and communities, which is becoming ever so important in today’s world.  In creating our annual bibliography we also provide a tool in which librarians and libraries can locate and retain materials within their collections.

Since the Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, Washington, the Rainbow Project has been extremely busy. We have kept four members from the previous year: Christie Gibrich, (2014 Chair), Grand Prairie, Texas; Christine Jenkins, Champaign, IL; Victor Schill, Houston, TX; and Anna White, Baltimore, MD. We added 5 new members: Ingrid Abrams, Astoria, NY; Naomi Gonzales, Houston, TX; Erin Iannacchione, Raleigh, NC; Melanie Koss, Chicago, Illinois; and Jesse Nachem, Oakland, CA.


The Rainbow Project Top Ten was published in the paper copy of Booklist, and the full list isavailable online. Response has been extremely positive, and a lot has been said on the blogsphere in the teen readership area.


Committee member Anna White is maintaining the Rainbow Project Blog. We switched the format of blog postings this year so that it was more in-line with what Over the Rainbow was doing, and could better be accommodated in the GLBT-RT news feed. We have engaged former committee member Jane Cothron as our administrative assistant to help in contacting the publishers and to maintain one constant contact throughout the committee year.


We have been having monthly online meetings through ALA Connect to discuss books read and nominated, as well as having discussions about procedures and brainstorming ideas for the 2014 Rainbow Project Program to be held at the Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Chair Christie Gibrich presented at the Texas State Library Association Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, with incoming Stonewall Chair Peter Coyl and author Tim Federle discussing books both on the Rainbow Project Top 10 List and the Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award winner and honor books, as well hearing about Federle’s experiences and the author reading passages from his new book, Better Nate Than Never. One audience member tweeted that it was the best session they attended during the conference, and the room was almost completely full despite being scheduled against Lois Lowry presenting. Christie Gibrich and Peter Coyl have put in a bid for presenting a similar presentation at the Texas Library Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio next year.


We have currently 14 posted nominations on the blog, with more on the way for July’s post.


We have selected Naomi Gonzales for chair-elect for the 2013-2014 term, and she will become chair after Midwinter 2014 in Philadelphia. With the GLBT-RT chair and SRRT liaison approval, Ingrid Abrams has been nominated for chair-elect for the 2014-2015 term, and will become chair following Midwinter 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Starting with Naomi’s term, we should be following the schedule set forth in our bylaws, and have a chair and chair-elect installed for every year hereafter.

Chair Christie Gibrich will be attending ALA Annual in Chicago, and will be attending the SRRT All Committee Meeting to represent the Rainbow Project. Because this meeting occurs at every ALA Annual Convention and Midwinter Meeting, in following years this is a duty that needs to be addressed by either the SRRT representative from GLBT-RT or by a designated member of the Rainbow Project committee (not necessarily the chair). Additionally either the SRRT Representative from GLBT-RT or a designated member of the Rainbow Project committee (not necessarily the chair) attend a SRRT steering committee during Midwinter to give a verbal update as well.



Respectfully submitted,
Christie Gibrich