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RUSA Online Learning Choices, June 2013, AC2013, #B1313

The purpose of these document is to provide context for the discussion of RUSA online learning, particularly webinars and other one-session offerings such as discussion forums.  The information in the framing questions (PowerPoint document #B1313c) and the  draft of online learning definitions (#B1313b) and the webinar timeline (#B1313a) provide background.  If there is something missing, add it or ask for it, in the comments on Connect.  It is difficult to be comprehensive.  I was also trying for a reasonably short document.  (Sorry if I missed that goal!).  These documents were discussed at the April Board meeting, but you may want to review them. 


The document that we will specifically discuss at our Annual meeting covers choices (#B1313).  These choices are not mutually exclusive and several of them could work together.  They can also be taken apart and combined.  They are to generate ideas and further discussion.  Each choice comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. It is quite possible that there are other choices not listed.  Please feel free to add additional choices (along with advantages and disadvantages) in your comments on Connect or during the Board meeting.


This discussion are not likely to end with a motion during this meeting. Please be prepared with your thoughts on the best options for RUSA online learning.  The intent is that our discussion will coalesce to recommendations that we can have as action items for a fall meeting.  Webinars and other online learning are vital to our members and critical to RUSA as an organization, so hopefully we will find our best way forward soon.