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EBSS New Leader PowerPoints

Attention New Leaders for 2013-14:

Below are the New Leader PowerPoints that will walk you through who our EBSS Executive Committee leaders are for the upcoming 2013-14 year as well as provide you with a general overview of important committee chair responsibilities and calendar deadlines.  If you are a new leader moving onto the Executive Committee, or as a Section Chair or Co-Chair, please review these presentations beforehand and attend our New Leader Orientation Meeting on Saturday, June 29 at 8:00 am at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Grand B (where Consolidated is meeting).  Even if you are in a continuing leadership position or part of a committee, you may find these PowerPoints helpful so feel free to view. 

There is audio along with the PowerPoints and, together, the three presentations take a total of 12-13 minutes to view. 

For the New Leader Orientation meeting, come prepared with questions to ask as a result of viewing these informational presentations.

 -Sally Neal
EBSS Past-Chair


PowerPoint I



PowerPoint II



PowerPoint III