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Program Planning Committee Report 2013 Annual

After a bit of a redirection from original planning, the PPC managed to arrange our 2 programs for Annual and we’re expecting they should be great!

Safe in the Stacks: Community Spaces for Serving Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Panelists will provide insight in how to serve and welcome homeless LGBTQ youth in our community and in our libraries. What are the needs and issues we can address and become advocates for? A question and answer period to follow. Dr. Winkelstein, whose dissertation research focused on this population, and our wonderful panel of speakers and experts are here to share their insights on this pressing issue!
Moderator and Speaker:

  • Dr. Julie Winkelstein, Librarian, Writer, Advocate.

Speaker Panel:

  • Jama Shelton, Director, Forty to None Project, True Colors Fund, New York City.
  • Bonnie Wade, Director, TransLife Program at Chicago House
  • ZiZi Phillips, YEPP Ensemble Member, LGBTQ Host Home Volunteer
  • Nate Metrick, Director, Night Ministry, Chicago
  • La'shawn Woods, Youth Client from the Night Ministry, Chicago

Saturday, June 29, 10:30- Noon
Room: McCormick Place, Room s106b

Access denied! Filtering: Trouble, Tyranny, and Triumph

Internet filtering is a touchy issue that libraries have had to deal with as major sources of internet access for many of our users. How often are our patrons being denied access to legitimate sources they need? Join us to explore the legal climate of filters, how they work and other implications of their use. As well, we’ll explore the “Don’t Filter Me” program of the ACLU.


  • Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Deputy Director, Office of Intellectual Freedom
  • Tony Rothert, Legal Director, ACLU of Eastern Missouri
  • Jenny Betz, Education Manager, GLSEN

Sunday, June 30th, from 1-2:30 pm
Room:  Hilton Chicago - Williford A.

We’re also already looking ahead to the future! 2014 in Vegas. This will see the committee transitioning to a new structure with an incoming chair, chair and past chair for the committee. I’m pleased to announce that Chet Mulawka has stepped forward to become the new chair of the PPC starting in 2014 and will begin his term as incoming chair this summer after Chicago.
We are gathering ideas for next set of programs with the challenge of a tighter programming setup for ALA, which means less flexibility in planning and limitations in how much any group can offer. So far it looks like our offerings will be, tentatively, the following:

  • A Rainbow Book List program
  • Safe spaces training
  • And a possible preconference on 21st Century LGBT youth needs