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ALA Play 2013 at Annual

ALA Annual is just around the corner and another ALAPlay is going down! Come and join us for a free evening of open gaming and cos-play with a Lovecraftian twist on Friday, June 28th at the Sheraton Ballrooms 1&2 from 7:30 until 10pm. We have some great events planned, giveaways and lots of gaming fun.

We have Paizo Publishing showcasing their Pathfinder system, their new Pathfinder Card Game which debuts at GenCon and Kill Dr. Lucky as well.

Jeff Ginger will be showing off and doing demos of 3D printing
Scott Nicholson is going to do face painting.
Matthew Murray is going to run a Cthulhu Campaign.
Steve Teeri will be hacked Kinect motion control games

Brian Mayer will be demoing his upcoming historical co-op Freedom: The Underground Railroad
And there will be more!


So come and dress up! Come and Game! Come and get Painted! Come and have fun!



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