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John Amundsen (staff)'s picture

Literacy resolution - Quick update and examples of Council resolutions

Hi all, 

A quick update - 

Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, Council Secretariat, will add the committee’s report  to the Council II agenda, Monday,  July 1, 8:30-11am, MPC, S100C.  Lois Ann says that instead of having it brought to the floor by a councilor and going through the Committee on Resolutions, it would be much easier for  the Committee Chair (or designated Committee member representative) to bring it straight to Council. The Chair designated representative will have up to 10 minutes reporting time. I will forward the draft agenda as soon as I have it. Who will be bringing it to the floor on behalf of the committee? I will need to let Lois Ann know so she can script it in. 

The resolution should be attached to the report as 2012-2013 ALA CD#37.1.  Also, a resolution e-form must be completed (http://www.ala.org/aboutala/governance/council/resolutionwebform), and attached to the report and resolution. Per Lois Ann, please add the following to the upper right-hand corner of the report:  "2012-2013 ALA CD#37, 2013 ALA Annual Conference" (see the below examples to see how it should appear)

Lois Ann will need an electronic copy of the Document sent to her no later than 5pm on Sunday, June 30th, so the Committee has more time than we initially thought to get this in. 

Here are some sample report/resolutions: 

Committee on Legislation Report to Council


Resolution on Accessibility of Library Websites


More soon...

Elizabeth Friese (non-member)'s picture

I will not be able to attend the Monday Council meeting to report this resolution due to a prior commitment.  Is anyone available Monday morning and willing to bring this before Council?

Beth Friese, Ph.D.

School Librarian, Anderson-Livsey Elementary School

Snellville, GA