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Task Force Recommendations

The Digital Literacy Task Force of the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy developed the following recommendations to advance and sustain library engagement in digital literacy initiatives nationwide as a companion to its January 2013 report Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy. Libraries of all types – school, academic, and public – play a vital role in ensuring all people have the skills and abilities to succeed in the Digital Age. These conclusions and recommendations culminate the task force’s work over 18 months and constitute a call to action on the part of the ALA, library education programs, front-line libraries, various funding bodies, and the diverse stakeholders who use and support library services.

One over-arching recommendation is that ALA should continue to have a member body that focuses on digital literacy and libraries. This group should consist of members with broad ALA representation. It would provide library leadership in digital literacy initiatives across and beyond the library community and track progress against these recommendations. It also would provide a central place for ALA units to collaborate on digital literacy projects, share resources, and develop advocacy that speaks with a single library voice.