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Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group

Monday, July 1, 2013
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Central

Please join the Heads of Cataloging Interest Group as we complete our series on assessment for cataloging operations.  Over the course of two previous meetings, we have heard an introduction to assessment as well as learned about specific examples of assessment programs, and this series will conclude by looking towards the future for assessment in cataloging.  The session will include presentations from two speakers, detailed below, as well as ample opportunity for discussion.


Robert Wolven, Columbia University

Comparing Assessment Across Institutions: An Administrator’s Perspective

Under the rubric of 2CUL, the libraries of Columbia and Cornell universities have been working to achieve a deep integration of their technical services operations.  Detailed comparison of policies, procedures, and workflows reveals both similarities and differences in the way cataloging is assessed.  Sometimes this assessment is explicit, but often it's implicit in institutional culture and mindset, driven by actors and factors external to technical services.  Achieving true integration will mean recognizing and reconciling the ways we evaluate cataloging services and measure success.


Ted Fons, OCLC

With the advent of new metadata initiatives, such as BIBFRAME, will we need to rethink current assessment plans?  Exploring current measures and comparing them against the objectives of such new initiatives may point to a need for future shifts in practice. 

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