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DRAFT AGENDA--ALA Annual Meeting—Chicago

Here is our agenda for Chicago.  I hope to see as many of you as possible.  If you have additional items, please let me know.  Regards, Chip


                                                          DRAFT AGENDA



Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial Board

ALA Annual Meeting—Chicago—June 30, 2013

HYATT-Grand B, 08:30 am--10:00 am



Volunteer needed to take attendance and minutes—due July 19—


Welcome—new Vice-Chair—Ted Mulvey, new members—Jay Bernstein, Bob Dugan, Bradford Eden, Gale Etschmaier


Remote participants—Josh


DRAFT Year-End Report—comments?—final due July 8—


ACRL Leadership Council, NCES ALS Advisory Council, Z39.7—Chip


ACRLMetrics and ACRL Survey FY12—Mary Jane


ACRL Conference paper discussion:  presentation by James Rettig



ACRL Survey FY13 trends questions—Ted


Discussion of Annual Work Plan 2013-2014—draft due July 19

          --finalize FY13 trends questions

          --prepare FY14 trends questions

          --monitor IPEDS display screens and development of instructions, particularly for serials counts

          --continue work plan to Promote awareness of NCES ALS reintegration into IPEDS survey—need 2 volunteers to prepare an article

for publication in C&RL News advocating pro-active campus communication with local IR office—due Spring 2014

          --consider appropriate timing for developing a communication

plan using ACRL media channels to inform the field of ALS integration


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