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"ALA 101" for Round Table Leaders-free webinar, Thursday, 13 June 2013

See below, register and plan to attend.  This webinar will be useful to current and newly-elected Round Table leaders.

ALA 101: An Intro for Elected Round Table (RT) Leaders

So you’ve been elected a Round Table (RT) leader—what’s next? Plan to attend this FREE, 1-hour webinar on Thursday, 13 June, 2013 at 2:00pm ct. to gain answers and insights on your role as an elected Round Table leader.

Do you have questions about where Round Tables fit in ALA? What you can and cannot do as a Round Table leader? How to schedule meetings and programs? What other sorts of activities and issues will come up in your RT during the next year? What type of budgetary actions and information are required of a RT treasurer? Learning outcomes: Find out about Round Tables and their role in ALA, as well as how to work with ALA RT staff liaisons. Get overviews of ALA Conference scheduling and programming processes, as well some basic budget information for Round Tables. Hear from a current RT leader who will guide you through her year as a RT chair. Interact with presenters in a general Q&A. Experience ALA’s meeting platform, Adobe Connect. Who should attend: All elected ALA Round Table leaders who want to learn more about ALA, Round Tables, and the roles and duties of Round Table leaders during a typical year in ALA. Newly-elected Round Table leaders are strongly encouraged to attend this webinar.



Mary W. Ghikas, ALA Associate Executive Director


Mary McInroy, Round Table Coordinating Assembly (RTCA) Coordinator and RT Representative to the ALA Conference Committee


Danielle M. Alderson, ALA Staff Member and Liaison to RTCA


Tracey Hughes, Chair, Map & Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT)


Sylvia Norton, member, ALA Budget Analysis & Review Committee (BARC) and member, ALA Executive Board


Carolyn Caywood, Chair Elect, Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), retired public librarian

You can register for the event at: