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Budget Request Proposal: Support for development of finding aid for cataloging new genealogy and local history books, oral, photo and church histories, etc. which have been self-published or published by small local publishers

M. Kathleen Kern's picture

Who would host the software once it is developed?  Are there ongoing fees for RUSA?  

Would something developed for archives, like Archon, be inappropriate?  If we can start with an existing product and modify it, that would keep costs down.  Perhaps this has already been looked at. 

Has a developer already been identified?  It is likely that this work would be completed in a year or should the proposal be for longer?

This material is frustratingly difficult to find, and the addition of information on where to purchase and if it is self-published would help patrons and librarians.  It seems a huge project to tackle, so I'd like a better sense of how far along the committee is with the planning.  

M. Kathleen Kern

RUSA Past-President


Barry Trott's picture

I think Kathleen's questions are good ones. Has the committee looked at tools like Good Reads and LibraryThing as potential tool for this? Could one of those resources be used to create and host the list? Another question I have is the sustainability of the project. How does the committee plan to keep this going beyond the initial development of the tool?

Janice Schultz's picture

Sustainability, Good Reads, Library Thing, and an existing software are all things the committee discussed.  There is a definite need.  There is still a need for more discussion.  But if the committee was assured of money to get the project rolling we can make some definite plans.

Janice Schultz, retired

Mary Popp's picture

Hi! I agree that this meets a need.  Is there any utility (and there may not be) in developing a pilot project to help to answer some of the questions that have been raised here?   That seems to be a way we can identify problems and alternatives, but it could indeed cost nearly as much as the full proposal.


Mary Pagliero Popp

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I would like to see a bit more development of the alternatives before funds are committed.  Perhaps a list of criteria or more rich statement of what is wanted that could be used to select among vendors or be an outline for someone hired to do the job for the first strategy.

For the second strategy a recommendation of which tool to modify

Andy Spackman's picture

I still consider myself young in my ALA experience. Are there examples of other databases or research tools that ALA/RUSA has created, funded, and marketed in this way?

I also wonder if RUSA's purposes might not be just as well served by the establishment of a grant that could fund such creative works through a competitive process. It would still give RUSA the name recognition, but keep RUSA from being involved directly in the development and promotion of such a tool, even while providing an avenue for RUSA sections to address the needs of their members.

Just some initial reactions.