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Join Us At Annual in Chicago

We hope that all of you will be able to join us this June at ALA Annual in Chicago. The Library Code Year group will be meeting from 1 pm to 2:30 pm on Saturday, June 29th in the Hilton Chicago Marquette Room (http://ala13.ala.org/node/10902). At the meeting, we’ll be discussing several key topics, including:


  • Volunteers for a wide range of leadership roles, including co-chair and vice chair,

  • Suggestions for a new name for the interest group, and

  • Planning future group activities and events.



Can’t make it to Annual this year? Never fear! If you are interested in suggesting a new name for the interest group or taking on a leadership role, just let us know in the comments below, email a member of the current leadership group (you can email me at cspina AT law.harvard.edu), or contact us on Twitter (@carlispina, @thatandromeda, @slmcdanold, @jen_young). We will also be broadcasting the meeting via Google+ Hangout for those that want to participate remotely.


Have other thoughts/comments/suggestions? Leave a comment below!