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Jessica McGilvray (staff)'s picture

Annual 2013 agenda

Please find attached the agenda for our meeting at Annual in Chicago.  I am looking forward to seeing you there! Our meeting is

JUNE 29TH @ 4:30 P.M.


Mary Mallory's picture

Hi everyone, although this does not involve libraries (and may not really be representative of e-government), I thought it might be of interest.  In Illinois
and presumably some other states are doing likewise.  Thanks!

The State of Illinois is offering training grants for libraries and other nonprofit and community organizations to be able to offer programs and counseling to the public
to help them understand the new health insurance options that will become available next fall.  


The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. CDT on June 11, 2013, and applications are to be submitted through the Illinois Department of Public
Health's Electronic Grant Application Management System (EGrAMS). 
Please click here for more information

Mary Mallory

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

Mary Mallory

Patricia Ball's picture

Hi Mary

Thanks for the information it looks like e government services to me.   I look forward to seeing all of you in Chicago.   Pat


Patricia B. Ball
Cobb County Public Library System

Barbara Miller (non-member)'s picture

Thanks Jessica! By the way, I have still been unable to contact Rich Gause about doing the webinar. I have the correct email , but no dice, so I guess we should
not count on him. Perhaps I will see him at annual and can ask there!

Barbara Miller

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]