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Apps and Autism

My article called "Apps and Autism" appears in the June 2013 issue of American Libraries.  I originally wrote this as an ALSC blog post for the Library Service for Special Population Children and Their Caregivers committee, and the editors of AL approached me and asked to reprint it.  I'm thrilled to be able to get this information out to a wider audience, especially since the June issue will be widely available at ALA Annual in Chicago in a few weeks.  

Jenna Nemec-Loise's picture

Congratulations on this article, Barbara!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge about how technology can be used with children in so many meaningful ways.

Jenna Nemec-Loise
Division Councilor
Association for Library Service to Children


Holly Jin's picture

Yay, you! Thank you for sharing your expertise with the greater library community, Barbara. Your blog post and article enables to better serve ALL children!

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