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Where the Wild Things Aren't: How Digital Curation Can Tame Even the Most Persnickety Content

Sunday, June 30, 2013
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Central

Location: McCormick Place Convention Center - N135

Presenter: Bradley Daigle, Director of Digital Curation Services / Digital Strategist for Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

Abstract: Digital curation encompasses a wide spectrum of activities. At the University of Virginia we have taken a broad look at these activities and have a unit that specifically pays attention to the life cycle of the digital object--from selection through preservation. Given the complexity of curatorial activities, what issues are involved in the proper stewardship of materials in an online library environment? This talk will focus on the experiences of the UVa Library's Digital Curation Services with both newly created content as well as legacy content from the 1990s. Developing a consistent strategy for all digital content is no small task. Whether it is born digital content coming in through Special Collections, newly digitized content, or legacy content that needs to be refactored to be more sustainable--we'll discuss the implications of almost every kind of digital content in today's terms. If you want to know more about content selection, maximizing limited digitization resources, discovery and access issues, and what is involved in long term digital preservation than this talk will touch on each of those topics. There will be time to discuss the implications of the decisions we have made and what may work best for your organization. If you have questions you would like to see addressed in advance, please email me at bjd2b@virginia.edu.

Twitter hashtag: #dcig13