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2012-2013 Year End Report / 2013-2014 Annual Work Plan - Template & Deadlines

ACRL Division-level Committee Chairs have been tasked by the Board with preparing their annual committee work plans in coordination with the committee vice-chair, Board and staff liaisons, and the committee membership. Annual work plans align division-level committee work with the ACRL Plan for Excellence and the committee's charge.  Component Committees should further coordinate work plans with Coordinating Committees.

The 2012-2013 Committee Year End Report and 2013-2014 Annual Work Plan combined template is attached to this post.  Note: ACRL’s three Goal Area Committees work on a multi-year planning schedule and do not utilize this template.  Staff liaisons for these three committees will be in touch shortly to provide specified work plan documents.

Please develop committee year-end reports and annual work plans within the time frame detailed below and coordinate with Board and Staff liaisons throughout the process.


  • Friday, June 7
    Annual Conference agendas due - be sure to include your work plan as an agenda item.
    Post to Connect and Email to lbosch@ala.org
  • Friday, June 7
    First Draft of Year End Report due.
    Post to Connect.
  • Monday, July 8
    Final Draft of Year End Report due.
    Post to Connect.
  • Friday, July 19
    Annual Conference minutes due.
    Post to Connect and email to lbosch@ala.org
  • Friday, July 19
    First Draft of Annual Work Plan due.
    Post to Connect and solicit feedback from Board & Staff Liaisons.
  • Thursday, August 1
    Final Draft of Annual Work Plan due.
    Post to Connect and Email to lbosch@ala.org.

Board Liaison Review: Board liaisons will consider the annual work plan review criteria when reviewing draft work plans for approval.

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Dear Division-Level Committee Leaders,

When working on your 2013-2014 work plan, it may be helpful to reference your committee's prior 2012-2013 Work Plan.  This document should be easily accessible in your committee's ALA Connect Community space. In case it is not, I have attached a PDF compilation of last year's work plans from the ACRL archive. Note that your committee work plan may have been updated mid-year, so use the latest version from your Connect space, if you have it, to be sure your year end report highlights all your committee's accomplishments.

If your committee doesn't already have a work plan folder in ALA Connect now might be a good time to set one up!  (Within your Committee ALA Connect space go to Add New and select File and you'll see a field that reads Create a New Folder. ) Please drop me an email if I can be of assistance!

Very best,

Lindsay (lbosch@ala.org)