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Feedback on Plan of Work from ACRL Exec Cmte

To:      Craig Gibson and Trudi Jacobson, Co-Chairs, Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force
From:  Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL Executive Director
Date:  May 20, 2013
Re:      Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force’s Plan of Work
Cc:      Steven Bell, ACRL President
           Julie Ann Garrison, ACRL Board Liaison
           Kara Malenfant, ACRL Staff Liaison
Thank you for submitting your prospectus and revised timeline document for Board consideration. The Board was grateful for the opportunity to connect with the work and progress of this important Task Force. The ACRL Executive Committee, at its May 6, 2013 meeting in Washington D.C., approved the proposed revisions to the timeline for the development of Information Literacy Standards and added the following to the timeline:  1) a report prepared for the 2014 Spring Executive Committee Meeting, 2) the inclusion of a review by the ACRL Standards Committee no later than mid-May 2014 and 3) the expansion of opportunities for member feedback and engagement. The Board also thought it would be helpful to your you share the work you have to date at the MW 2014 Board meeting so the Board has a preview of how the standards are being articulated.

In regard to the Prospectus scope, the Board is extremely supportive of the Task Force’s goal to do extensive revisions which point toward the more encompassing and expanded definitions of literacy at play in contemporary discourse.  The Board has asked that the Task Force keep at the forefront of their thinking, those opportunities for information literacy which occur outside of the traditional curriculum.  It is their hope that our revised standards will better address  the total learning environment of higher education and apply to student experiences outside the classroom, as well as within.  The ACRL Board would urge the Task Force to keep active communication with  your Board and staff liaisons Julie Ann Garrison and Kara Malenfant, as your work develops.  They can assist you through providing updates to the Board regarding you  progress and share any questions or concerns you may be facing.

Looking ahead to these successful Standards revisions that may have implications throughout the association, we hope you will keep implementation and roll-out plans in mind.  The Board would appreciate any thoughts you may have as you move forward, as to how we will ensure these significant changes can be shared and adopted throughout the profession and higher education.  Please extend our thanks to all the task force members for undertaking this important work.