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Streaming at Annual

Hi all,
I heard from a LITA member (who is one of our committee members) that he's having a hard time getting all the details straight to be able to guarantee streaming for Top Tech Trends. He raised several interesting points:

  • RUSA will be purchasing a camera to stream
  • The problematic nature of relying on an informal network of people to do something that is becoming an expected, standard part of a major program at ALA
  • Several divisions within ALA are working on streaming independently, and perhaps reinventing the wheel.

He also asked whether there isn't some way to make this process easier both for the committees and the staff of ALA.
I know we've talked about it before, and that there are some guidelines in place, but if our members are having trouble, it might be worth working a bit more towards a resolution for them.



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Also, in a follow up message from him I received:

Just a consistent platform and some clear advice might clean up this process (some equipment like this might also help: http://store.livestream.com/products/livestream-broadcaster, right now  it is just based on the equipment a volunteer can cobble together, which varies widely as you might imagine!


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We're still struggling with this, and I'm sure other divisions are, too.  Will ask around at ALA to see what plans may be afoot?

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I agree that this is an important issue. Each division of ALA has a few key events at every conference that need to be both streamed and archived! (like LITA Top Tech Trends)

I would propose that ALA hire a videographer for annual and midwinter who works with the leadership of each division to stream and archive select agreed upon events (which usually don't overlap anyway)

The divisions can do the marketing, post the links, etc. for these events, knowing that the event itself will be consistently streamed and recordings made available online.  

It just seems odd that a large, national organization like ALA would not have a solution for this that allowed for its members to have access to this content. Currently, each division is forced to reinvent the wheel at each conference and hope there is the expertise on the committee to handle this. It hardly seems like a good solution.

Climbing off my soapbox now.


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Since ALA is recording all the programs at Annual this year (including TTT), it will be interesting to see what direction that goes.  This of course does not directly address the question of streaming, but we're interested in seeing what is done with post-conference access to the recordings.

This is definitely a transitional year.  I haven't heard what ALA's plans are for Midwinter since technically we don't have programs at Midwinter. :-)

Zoe Stewart-Marshall

LITA Past President (2013-2014)

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Recording, but not streaming?