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New to the IG?  Welcome! 

Wondering how you can get involved?  Right now you can:

  • Join this Connect group (make sure to get updates via email or RSS to stay connected!)
  • Post to the group. Looking for help on learning code, collaborators on your mad software plans, et cetera?
  • Email the chairs for more info. (Emily King, Junior Tidal, Heather Klish, and Dana Miller)

Upcoming events:

  • Decoding Code Discussion - ALA Midwinter 2015 in Chicago (Details to come)
  • Learn Git and Bootstrap - ALA Annual 2015 in San Francisco (Details to come)

Past projects:

  • Learn git/github basics via our tutorial -- or contribute your own improvements!
  • Join our github repo and start projects there.
    •  (Carli Spina & Andromeda Yelton (LITA), Shana McDanold & Jen Young (ALCTS))

last updated 19 September 2014