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Fall CAEP conference

FYI:  http://caepnet.org/

Announcement forwarded on behalf of CAEP:

Learn from experts. Share with colleagues.
Discover what works in the field of educator preparation.


Experienced educator preparation faculty and CAEP staff will share accreditation standards and procedures with conference attendees. Individuals directly involved in preparation for accreditation review and those new to the Continuous Improvement, Inquiry Brief, and/or Transformation Initiative accreditation pathways will benefit greatly from this professional development experience. 


As the first CAEP Conference after the new CAEP standards for accreditation of educator preparation are expected to be approved, this conference will focus on transition issues, examine the new standards, and answer participants' questions regarding CAEP accreditation.


Other major topics to be covered at the conference include standards and principles of accreditation, details on the various accreditation pathways, reviewers' expectations regarding candidate effectiveness in P-12 student achievement, the program review process, and the development of assessment systems. A focus of CAEP is to build capacity to raise the quality of evidence submitted for accreditation.