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What Questions Do You Have for Our Panelists? (re: gender in academic libraries)

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on our panel for ALA Annual, entitled "Gender in/and/of Academic Libraries." Now it's time to decide what questions you want us to ask the panelists. Respond in the comments!

Our panelist include:

  • Chris Bourg (Stanford)
  • Lea Engle (Texas A&M)
  • Melia Erin Fritch (Kansas State)
  • Chris Martin (North Dakota State)
  • Bess Sadler (Stanford)

The event will be a moderated discussion about the intersection of gender and academic libraries. Topics for discussion could include: how gender affects library leadership; the relationship between gender and technological skills; personal experiences of gender-related issues on the job; the importance of gender diversity in library innovation, etc. The dynamics of the discussion will be driven by the unique experiences of the panelists. 

So, what questions do you want us to ask?