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Worth thinking about with regards to LITA

Ken Haycock has posted a couple really good pieces about the future of associations that I think are very much worth reading, keeping in mind LITA and its place within the ALA framework as well as in the professional lives of our members.  Especially "Part II" which outlines several very concrete things we can do, should do, and may not necessarily be doing currently.

What is Wrong with Our Associations? Part I

What is Wrong with Our Associations? Part II

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Hello, everyone.  As I look at the new "beta" vision statement for LITA, approved at the 7/1/13 LITA Board meeting, and then review the strategic plan goals from 2010, I notice that the existing goals may need to be revised to match the new vision's concept a bit better.  Additionally, the existing goals seem to be listed in an order that is less optimal (in that the "infrastructure" goal is listed first), and one of the goals (on "innovation") seems to be less than realistic given the voluntary and very lean nature of our association. I hope that the following proposed reordering/rewording will be helpful to the Board and all LITA members as we continue to update our strategic plan together. Thank you for considering! 

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Goal Area 1: Collaboration and Networking

LITA fosters collaboration and networking among its members and beyond, so that the full potential of new, innovative, and existing technologies in libraries can be realized.

Goal Area 2: Education, Sharing of Expertise

LITA inspires and enables the effective integration of technology in Libraries through its outstanding educational programs, publications, and events.

Goal Area 3: Advocacy

LITA advocates for meaningful legislation, policies, and standards that will have a positive impact on the current and future capabilities of libraries, and will promote equitable access to information and technology for all library users.

Goal Area 4: Infrastructure

LITA improves its organizational capacity so that it can provide the services and programs that LITA members need to advance libraries, now and in the future.