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VMM13 slides, text-chat, Q & A, and full transcripts are posted on ALA Connect for your reference.



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I hope Sara gets back soon!!
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Me too!
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"The meeting will begin with a 'State of the Association' update."  Given the $1.8 million shortfall in revenue and that the "2014 budget requires further reductions in departmental budgets," (American Libraries, June 2013, p. 11) I am equally interested in hearing about the future.

I hope that we will learn what sort of reductions are planned, what programs will be most affected, etc.  ALA has departments and offices that serve the membership at large, but staffing and resources for these offices have contracted  over a number of years.  Can all of these programs and offices be sustained and can they be effective?  Or does ALA need to prioritize and completely discontinue some program(s) or office(s) even though every one of them has a member constituency which can make a good argument that they are good programs and offices.  But even though they are good, are they both effective and financially sustainable?  If not, what is the plan in light of a bleak fiscal picture?

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Good afternoon,

I attended the Virtual Membership Meeting last week, but had hoped to have access to the text of the meeting chat after the fact. Will it be available on Connect or elsewhere?


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Yes. It will be posted by the end of this week.

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I have been checking this site since the end of the meeting on June 6, and I cannot find where the archive of the meeting will be stored.

I wanted to listen to it again to write up a report for my supervisor.

Thanks, Jamie

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The information will be posted by the end of this week.

Ron (RJ) Jankowski

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