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Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

New URL for the IGD blog

Tags: IGD Blog | 2013

I hadn't done any work on the blog since I wasn't sure we were holding an event this year but now that we're moving forward, Phil reminded me that now would be a good time to change the URL from ngd.ala.org to igd.ala.org.

That change has been made, so the site is now at http://igd.ala.org and all ngd.ala.org URLs are redirecting to the new address. Everything else, including how you log in, remains the same.


Phil Minchin (non-member)'s picture

Here's the schedule for blog posts as it currently stands. We have two empty weeks at the moment, July 29 and September 30 - any suggestions folks?

24 - Humble/Indie Bundles and new publishing models

01 - July IGD update
08 - Talking points: Games, sharing culture, and connecting people
15 - Games news
22 - Monthly game profile for July: Role-playing and story games, and other co-created games
29 - ???

05 - Monthly IGD update
12 - Talking points: Games and theory of mind
19 - Games news
26 - Monthly game profile for August: Co-operative games

02 - Monthly IGD update
09 - Talking points: Games, seriousness, poetry, and fun
16 - Games news
23 - Monthly game profile for September: Exceptions-based rules
30 - ???

07 - Monthly IGD update
14 - Talking points: Games, systems, and systems literacy
21 - Games news
28 - Monthly game profile for October: Regular-deck-of-card games and/or puzzle games

04 - Monthly IGD update
11 - Last-minute business
18 - IGD follow-up and reminder
End of the month - final postings

Thomas Knowlton's picture

Hi Phil,

I'd be happy to write up a post on game jams for July 29.

I host NYPLarcade (video game discussions) at Mid-Manhattan Library and I have been looking into incorporating game design into our event offerings.

Here's a link to one of our recent series: bit.ly/nyplarcade-showcase2012



Teresa Slobuski's picture

I don't know about other people, but I would be super interested in seeing your take on it. I have a news article from over 6 months ago bookmarked to remember to find out what NYPLarcade is actually doing! Right now IGD is the only 'regular' gaming event at my library, so hearing about other types of events to do to expand offerings would be super beneficial for me.


Thomas Knowlton's picture

I hadn't considered the idea of writing about our video game discussions, but I could definitely focus on that if people are interested.

Phil Minchin (non-member)'s picture

I would LOVE that. I am so envious. I have been trying to get a similar book-club-style games club up for years - and I was only asking for tabletop games, to keep the resource requirements low. When did you first run this program?

Thomas Knowlton's picture

The first NYPLarcade series was about a year ago (May 2012). We played and discussed four games by Jenova Chen who designed Journey, Flower, and Flow for PSN: bit.ly/jenovachen-nypl.

It's always difficult asking for money for a brand new program, but there are so many interesting, free games coming out that I feel like the barrier to entry is getting much lower. At some point, I'd love to try and curate an exhaustive list for librarians.

Brian Mayer's picture

I willl be going to GenCon and doing several sessions at their Library and Educators track, plus working the floor, talking to publishers and looking for new resources for our game library. I would be happy to try to write something up for you come the end of August if you would like. Plus, a write-up for my game for the co-op section Too.

Phil Minchin (non-member)'s picture

Whoops, somehow missed replying to this! Both would be terrific Brian, thanks.