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Hashtags for ASCLA Interest Groups - approval/feedback needed by Friday, April 26

Hi everyone,

We have had some inquiries about how to leverage Twitter for interest group activities. After some research, I'd like to make the recommendation that we use hashtags to identify and link up interest group activities (vs. setting up independent interest group Twitter accounts. The rationale is below.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please let me know right away. I'd like to start distributing the hashtags to the general ASCLA population for use leading up to conference, so unless I hear from you by this Friday, April 26, I will assume that the hashtags below are approved.

Thanks! :o)



Why hashtags instead of separate Twitter accounts/handles?

In order for a tweet to have any impact, the account should have followers. ASCLA currently has 1,000+ followers on its Twitter account! It has taken several years to build this following. In addition, the creation and maintenance of separate accounts for each interest group would be very time consuming, not to mention the transition of the account to the new leader each year.


The benefits of hashtags:

  1. Anyone can use it. Subject matter experts, group leaders, group members and others can tweet using the tags, which means that anyone searching the tag *and* anyone following that person will see the tweet.
  2. It’s searchable. Anyone interested in the topic can find it.
  3. It allows us to use already established accounts--whether it’s members’ accounts, or ASCLA’s account (we can track the hashtags and retweet anything we find).
  4. It helps build relationships between individuals for exchanging and resharing valuable information.

Here's the general format for an interest group hashtag collection:

#asclaig (to indicate ASCLA interest group)

#libraries or #library (to indicate libraries)

Plus subject matter hashtag(s).


The suggested hashtags below have been (re)searched on Twitter to make sure they aren’t being used for other purposes.


ASCLA Alzheimer's & Related Dementias Interest Group

#asclaig #alzheimers #library


ASCLA Future of Libraries Interest Group

#asclaig #futurist #libraries


ASCLA ICAN Consortium Management Discussion Interest Group

#asclaig #cooperative #libraries 


ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Collaborative Digitization Interest Group

#asclaig #library #digitization


ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Interlibrary Cooperation Interest Group

#asclaig #library #cooperation


ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Physical Delivery Interest Group

#asclaig #library #delivery


ASCLA Library Consultants Interest Group

#asclaig #library #consultant


ASCLA Library Services for Youth in Custody (LSSP)

#asclaig #incarcerated #youth #library


ASCLA LSSP Bridging Deaf Cultures @ your library Interest Group

#asclaig #deaf #library


ASCLA LSSP (Libraries Serving Special Populations) LSSP Library Services to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities that Prevent Them from Reading Standard Print Interest Group

#asclaig #disabilities #access #library


ASCLA LSSP Library Services to the Incarcerated and Detained

#asclaig #incarcerated #library


ASCLA LSSP Universal Access Interest Group

#asclaig #universal #access #library


ASCLA SLA State Library Agencies – Library Development Interest Group

#asclaig #state #library


 ASCLA SLA (State Library Agencies)/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group

#asclaig #library #tech #LSTA


ASCLA SLA (State Library Agencies) Youth Services Consultants Interest Group

#asclaig #state #library #youth


ASCLA Tribal Librarians Interest Group

#asclaig #library #tribal

Camden Tadhg (non-member)'s picture

LSYC would probably also like to use #LSYC, since that’s how we’re branding ourselves.

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

Liz Markel (staff)'s picture

I will add that to my master list. Thanks Camden! :-)

Liz Markel, M.A. Marketing and Programs Manager

ASCLA & RUSA divisions of ALA

Liz Markel (staff)'s picture

I will begin distributing this hashtag information to the groups tomorrow if there are no further comments or concerns. Please let me know right away if you have any feedback!


Liz Markel, M.A. Marketing and Programs Manager

ASCLA & RUSA divisions of ALA