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NLLD Schedule

This information is copied directly from: http://www.ala.org/advocacy/advleg/nlld/schedule

National Library Legislative Day Schedule Overview

The official schedule for NLLD is released a few weeks prior to the event, May 7 and 8 this year. We do this because things change rapidly in Congress and we want our sessions to reflect these changes. However, we can give a basic overview of the schedule and what to expect.

Pre-Conference, May 6, 3-5pm, ALA Washington Office

Pre-Conference is a training session geared toward first time NLLD attendees. Held at the ALA Washington Office (1615 New Hampshire Ave NW), this training is led by advocacy consultant Stephanie Vance and ALA staff. Attendees will learn what to expect during a meetings on Capitol Hill, communication strategies, what staffers like/don’t like to hear and much more.

Briefing Day, May 7, 8am-4pm, Liaison Hotel

Briefing Day features numerous sessions on the hot issues affecting libraries in Congress. Expect to hear from Congressional staff, legal experts, lobbyists, ALA staff and others on current issues. We’ll get you prepared for your meetings with legislators and their staff on May 8.

Congressional Reception, May 7, 5pm, Capitol Hill

NLLD participants are encouraged to head to Capitol Hill (only a few blocks away) after Briefing Day sessions for a reception with Members of Congress and their staff. We’ll provide snacks and drinks and honor libraries and library supporters.

Capitol Hill Visits, May 8, All Day

Your state coordinator will arrange meetings with legislators throughout the day on May 8. There will be no official events. Check with your state coordinator close to May 7 for a specific schedule.