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Everyone should read this post re: LITA and involvement

At some point in the next few days, everyone should definitely read this blog post about a new librarian trying to get involved with LITA:


Here's a couple of pull quotes for you:

I lamented, as I always seem to do, that whenever I tried to get involved with LITA actively in some fashion whether by responding to open requests, joining committees, or starting a SIG, I never seemed to get a response back from anyone within the organization.  It is super frustrating because there IS content coming out of the org, but seemingly trying to penetrate it is some kind of Byzantine affair.


Almost all of the IGs looked as if they were incredibly quiet, if not dead,  if the mailing lists and CONNECT sites were to be believed. If work is being done, it’s being done somewhere not immediately visible which then brings up the, “How do I get involved?” question up again.


I never knew about LITA-L as a separate mailing list because I was getting email what I assumed to be LITA-L for years now only to find out what I was getting was the more advertisement / announcement stuff as opposed to discussion and involvement stuff. That’s super confusing. I’ve now joined LITA-L.

Now if you’re not on Facebook, or Twitter, don’t know about LITA-L, and stopped following the blog, other than getting content from the random LITA email every once in awhile, how are you to know about upcoming events and shenanigans?

You’re not and you won’t.

Her points are all good and solid and frankly we should be running around with our heads on fire trying to fix them.