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Tickler List From the Spring Virtual ExCo Meeting

Here are the tasks from our Spring Meeting


  • Zoe: working with LITA Forum to find a third keynote
  • ALL: look at tickler file from October for tomorrow
  • Zoe, Cindi, and Lauren: look at EL Brand project
  • Colleen: look at EL vivo project/ITTS connection and reach out to that group of emerging leaders
  • Colleen: fast track Finance Review Task Force, ensure that a report is available at least 2 weeks prior to meeting
  • Mary: work with Dale on manual update ahead of board meeting (at least 2 weeks)
  • ??: Make a list of documents to read (with context) to distribute to board two weeks before meeting
  • Colleen: post to board in connect about sponsorship of two emerging leaders
  • By annual, have a draft document to put before board about how to maintain streaming in a sustainable way
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  • ??: ask Cody & Rachel what they found valuable about last year's orientation
  • Cindi: contact election winners to see if they will be at Annual
  • Zoe: update "officer task checklist" spreadsheet before Board Orientation
  • Zoe: post ExCo charge to Connect so we can review

Tickler list from fall meeting

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  • zoe/cindi: virtual meeting to discuss Board Orientation

Zoe Stewart-Marshall

LITA Past President (2013-2014)