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Ann Schwab's picture

Chat Meeting Reminder: Tue 3/12

Here's a quick reminder that our next chat meeting is:

Tuesday 3/12
11:00 am PDT
Noon MDT
1:00 pm CDT
2:00 pm EDT


Here's the agenda:

1. Update on ALSC blog series: Shelley & Corinne

2. Update on webinar w/ C&T: Ann & Kate

3. ALSC mentor program: Ann


A little background on #3. Since our last meeting, I participated in a conference call w/ ALSC's Dan Rude and folks from the Membership Committee. The establishment of an ALSC mentoring program is back on the table and looking more and more like it might happen. Possible "division of labor" to make this work would be for our committee to share some of the tasks of running this program w/ our colleagues on the Membership Committee, all in conjunction w/ the ALSC office. Tentatively, for us this looks like:

1. helping to spread the word, recruit both mentors and mentees

2. reps from our committees would work with reps from Membership to review applications, help match mentors/mentees

All still very much in the planning stages, but I wanted all of your thoughts, input and approval before we give the final okay. 

See you online tomorrow!


Shelley Sutherland's picture

Sorry it doesn't look like I'll be able to make it to this chat. Corrine has some info. on the ALSC blog series that she can share with you. Thanks,

Shelley Sutherland