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TAs for Intro to Python workshop

In addition to projects ( http://connect.ala.org/node/202855 ), we're also seeking TAs for the intro to Python workshop.


We'll be using the curriculum-in-a-box at https://openhatch.org/wiki/Boston_Python_Workshop_7 , edited lightly for our audience and time slot.  As a TA you would need to:

  • be familiar enough with Python to answer questions in a helpful, supportive fashion, to students who may vary widely in their programming background.  (You do NOT need to be a hardcore Python expert, but you do need to be comfortable with the concepts and syntax in that link.)
  • be willing to do some online office hours before Annual and/or drop-in help on Thursday in Chicago -- we need to push the installfest portion of that curriculum to before ALA for time reasons, so we need to provide help
  • potentially lead one of the projects (one hour long, already written for you, very straightforward to teach; not all TAs will need to lead a project)
  • possibly help in editing/reformatting the curriculum -- we're thinking of presenting it more like http://installfest.railsbridge.org/curriculum/, using our Github repo to collaborate.  I'd provide the template and the skeleton of what goes where; you'd be responsible for getting a chunk of the curriculum into the correct format, and using your judgment to replace examples with more libraryish ones if it seems helpful.

We're aiming for about 10 instructional staff altogether, which should give us a nice small student:teacher ratio even if we end up wildly oversubscribed (which we hope we will; tell your friends!)

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I registered for the workshop and would be willing to serve as a TA. I'm not intimately familiar with Python but I do know the basics and could try to brush up a little before the conference. I'm also proficient at the steps described in the curriculum, e.g. command line navigation and running scripts.

I could lead a project, I actually have an idea for one, but I'll post more about that on the other thread.

-Eric Phetteplace

Systems Librarian

California College of the Arts

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OK, I'm going to add you to the list.  Thanks!

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