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Library-Related Python Projects for the Pre-Conference at Annual

Hi all,

While prepping for the Python workshop that we will be offering as a pre-conference at ALA Annual this year, we have realized that it would be nice if we could offer participants a chance to select a library-related project to work on during the day and we thought we would throw this out to all of you.

Does anyone have a Python project that they could turn into a workshop project or is anyone interested in trying to create one?

Projects should be something that can be completed in about an hour by someone who has only just started learning Python that day. Any project should also have complete and easy-to-understand instructions to go along with it. You can see examples of what the Boston Python Workshop uses for their projects here: https://openhatch.org/wiki/Boston_Python_Workshop_7/Saturday_projects

If you are interested in developing such a project, please comment below!

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I've added a project on Github that stems from my first foray into Python way back when. The snippet of code that I posted deals with editing a file of MARC records using pymarc, and then creating a file of those modified MARC records to ingest into the ILS, which in my case was III's Millennium. I've just cut and pasted the snippet from the main script, so it still needs cleaning up.

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I have a current pet project which I've just started that could be rewritten in Python. Basically, it's parsing RSS feeds from open access searches to simulate a search API. So, for instance, someone could type in search terms and any OA repo with an RSS feed (e.g. DOAJ, Open Depot) could provide results. Participants could pick an OA repo and write a script that takes a search string, parses the repo's particular XML response, and returns HTML in a standard format.

The thing is, I'm writing it in PHP (I know, I know...) because I don't know how to run Python in a web environment. I assume you at least need to run a local web server; that may be too large a setup hurdle for a preconference where people are using different environments. I also don't know anything about the HTTP and XML-parsing modules either, but I could learn.

Anyways, if that's too much, I can think of another way to run things. Maybe the same project as a command line utility that prints results to stdout.

-Eric Phetteplace

Systems Librarian

California College of the Arts