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EL hashtag?

Hello Emerging Leaders- Is anyone using an EL hastag on twitter? i'm trying to find people but it is actually kind of difficult. If no one has started anything, let's use #alaEL13 Any opposed?

Margaret Howard's picture

I am ALL about this, but I did noticed that former years followed "#EL11ALA" and "#EL12ALA" so should we follow suit with #EL13ALA? Either way I am ready to start tweeting Emerging Leaders :)

Margaret Howard

Jessica Clemons's picture

I'll be using #EL13ala. See you on twitter

Amanda Binder's picture

I followed the previous EL classes and used in a few of my tweets.  Someone created a twitter list for the 2012 class: https://twitter.com/grouchyladybug/ala-emerging-leaders-2012.  If there is interest, I can create one for us. 

Margaret Howard's picture

I just really want everyone to start tweeting the hashtag, Amanda if you wouldn't mind then I would definitely vote yes on creating a list :)

I'm Miss_Librarian on twitter I would love to follow all my other 2013 Emerging Leaders and hear what you guys are up to!


Jessica Clemons's picture

I'm getting a message that that page doesn't exist :(

Amanda Binder's picture


Sorry about that.  This link should take you to the 2012 EL list:  https://twitter.com/grouchyladybug/ala-emerging-leaders-2012