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Two short videos on using Skype for MAGIRT Committee Meetings

I made two short (and very low-budget) videos that show on-screen how to create and use Skype for MAGIRT committee meetings.  You do not need a video camera to use Skype, and in fact MAGIRT meetings never use video.  We do highly recommend a headset though.

On the video window, don't overlook the little icon that allows you to expand the screen to your entire monitor - otherwise it is too small to see well.

  • Setting up Skype: (4:59) http://screenr.com/Jj47  Includes installing the software, creating a profile, adding a profile picture, adding contacts
  • Making and Receiving Calls in Skype: (3:30) http://screenr.com/xI47  Includes testing your microphone and speakers, fixing your audio settings, making a call, receiving a call.