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Please consider voting for two innovative Conversation Starters

As voting begins for the Conversation Starters during ALA Annual this year, please consider voting for two programs promoting universal access to all library patrons.

The first—EXPANDING LIBRARY COMMUNITY THROUGH ACCESSIBLE GAMING—discusses how, by offering accessible gaming opportunities, libraries will bring in patrons with disabilities who will develop fresh skills to assist them in school, work and life. Venetia Demson, chief of the Adaptive Services Division of the DC Public Library and Mark Barlet, of the Able Gamers Foundation, will be on hand to discuss the first accessible gaming station in a Public Library.

The second—ACCESSIBILITY IS USABILITY—makes the case that considering the virtual needs of users with disabilities helps ensure usability and universal design. Chris Corrigan, also of Adaptive Services, will give an introduction to web accessibility, who the standards apply to, types of disabilities, how people with disabilities use the web, different adaptive technologies, how to write accessible code, how this promotes universal access and easy ways to check for accessibility.

Thank you in advance and see you at Annual!


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HI there

Probably are very dumb eye roll question but where do I go to vote for these??




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You first find the link to vote for the conversation starters. I have just searched for “conversation starters” in the search box of ALA Connect in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Then you just click on one of the first links that populate in the center of the page.

When you get that far, you can browse by subject using a dropdown menu on the right or a you can search using a textbox on the left.

When you find a conversation starter you want to vote for, there is a thumbs up icon to indicate you “like” that topic. That counts as a vote.

The complexity of all of these steps, if nothing else, should assure you to the fact that you were no asking a dumb question.