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Voting Has Closed (was How to Vote for Conversation Starters)

NOTE: Public voting for the 2013 Conversation Starters has closed. We've taken a snapshot of the results as of midnight CDT and will use it to determine the 18 sessions that will count for 30% of the outcome. Staff votes (30%) and ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team committee votes (40%) will determine the rest of the counts. We'll notify proposal authors about the final results on April 5th. 


When viewing an individual proposal, you'll see a "thumbs up" image underneath the title when you're logged in to Connect. Click on that image to vote for that proposal.

Alternatively, you can view a list of the proposed Conversation Starters that's sortable by title or by number of votes.

If you voted and you want to remove your vote, click on the "reset" link underneath the "thumbs up" image.

To leave a comment or ask a question on a proposal, click on the "join" link in the left-hand column. To get notifications when new comments/questions are posted, join the community and then check the box in the left-hand column to enable email notifications from this group.

“Conversation Starter” talks are fast-paced 45-minute sessions intended to jumpstart conversations and highlight emerging topics and trends.

Voting is open through March 31st. The public votes will be weighted for 30% of the selection process; staff votes will account for another 30%, while the remaining 40% will be decided by an advisory group of ALA members.

We'll notify selected presenters by April 5, 2013.

Vote for the 2013 ALA Annual Ignite sessions or learn more about the 2013 ALA Annual Conference.